Successful Outcome!

Just a note to thank everyone who put in many volunteer hours to protect this St. Paul neighborhood from another garbage burner.  A plan for Anaerobic Digestion was adopted as a cleaner alternative than incineration, but as gas prices dropped, Rock-Tenn found it economical to utilize clean natural gas as an energy source.  Working together, we helped protect the air for all of our families -- not just in the Rock-Tenn neighborhood, but across our city, state & national regions. 

Local Media Coverage

Rock-Tenn Project in St. Paul Breeds Ideas to Save Jobs, Energy; Pioneer Press, March 15, 2009.
St. Paul City Council Resolution 08-1281 re: Rock-Tenn Energy Source; unanimously approved on November 19, 2008.
St. Paul recycler on track to burn bio-gas
, by Stephanie Hemphill, MN Public Radio, August 19, 2008
Biogas is endorsed as best fuel for recycler, by Chris Havens, Star Tribune, August 4, 2008,
Rock-Tenn fuel plans: Win/win at last?, by Mary Turck, Twin Cities Daily Planet, August 4, 2008,
Biogas proposed to help keep Rock-Tenn Open in St. Paul, by Jason Hoppin, Pioneer Press, August 5, 2008.
Burning Wood and Building an Empire by Dan Gordon, and Suspicions, Statistics, and Editing by Mary Turck, Twin Cities Daily Planet, January 1, 2008. District Energy's role in the Rock-Tenn burner controversy and a look at emissions numbers.
Neighbors Fired Up, Say Garbage Burner Idea Stinks, by Darcy Pohland, WCCO, December 10, 2007.
Advise and Dissent as Rock-Tenn Community Advisory Panel Faces Port Authority Plans by Dan Gordon, Twin Cities Daily Planet, November 13, 2007.
The Biomass Wars: Fuzzy Definitions and Heated Debate by Dan Gordon, Twin Cities Daily Planet, November 11, 2007
Neighbors Get Rock-Tenn Fuel Plan Update
by Dave Healy, Park Bugle, July, 2007.
Rock-Tenn Plans Encounter Groundswell of Opposition
by Jane McClure, Midway Como Monitor, July, 2007.
Burning Questions About Recycling in St. Paul by Marisa Helms, Minnesota Public Radio, June 28, 2007.
Neighbors Oppose Incinerator Plan
by Jason Hoppin, Pioneer Press, June 20, 2007.
St. Paul Residents Turn Out for Rock-Tenn Public Forum
by Mary Turck, Twin Cities Daily Planet, May 29, 2007.

Background on Rock-Tenn

These articles by Mary Turck, Twin Cities Daily Planet, are a good overview of the Rock-Tenn issue.Fueling the future at Rock-Tenn, August 2, 2008.
The Burning Question: Re-fueling Rock-Tenn
, March 9, 2007.
Who's on First? Keeping Track of the Players, March 9, 2007.
The Burning Question: Following the Money
, March 11, 2007.
Garbage or Green Energy: A Look at the Issues Around RDF
, March 12, 2007.
Under the Radar—Biomass, Xcell, and Rock-Tenn in the Legislature, April 23, 2007

Rock-Tenn Community Advisory Panel

The Rock-Tenn Community Advisory Panel was set up by the St. Paul Port Authority to exchange information about the proposed development of a renewable energy plant to supply the future needs of Rock-Tenn Company's St. Paul paper recycling facility.

Reports on Rock-Tenn Issue

Analysis of a Biomass/RDF Facility at Rock-Tenn by Ramsey County, July 2006The Green Institute published its study, "Renewing Rock-Tenn: A Biomass Fuels Assessment for Rock-Tenn’s St. Paul Recycled Paper Mill," in March, 2007. It states “Although total quantities of urban tree residues in the Twin Cities can be large, available quantities are limited and highly variable.” Other sources of biomass, such as corn stover, must be hauled into the plant at extra expense, noise, and diesel truck pollution. See also the Green Institute’s cautions of December, 2007 in their document, “Comments on Midtown Eco-Energy Biomass Facility Permit Application,” posted on our Eco-Burner page.RCAP Questions Answered by Dr. Ian Greaves, Pulmonary Specialist, Assoc. Prof. of Occupational & Environmental Health, Univ. of MN, July 2008. Total Fuel + Non-Fuel Costs are Lower, and Pollutants Less, for Natural Gas than Biomass for Rock-Tenn by Joseph Miller, February 2008

Contact Your Local St. Paul Elected Officials

(Here's How) The City Council (and the Mayor) must ultimately vote on anything that the St. Paul Port Authority proposes, so the Council and the Mayor DO have the power to stop this burner, even if the Port Authority recommends it. It will also be important to contact our Ramsey County Commissioners to let them know how we feel about this burner. They had previously voted unanimously in favor of this burner, and were, according to officials at Rock-Tenn, the ones who first proposed an RDF burner to Rock-Tenn. It is worth noting that, when the Dakota County Commissioners attempted to build a burner in Dakota County, they all lost their seats in the next election, and the burner was NOT built! Contact Information For: St. Paul City Council St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman Ramsey County Board of Commissioners

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